Stuff I Did Recently

We went to a baseball game on Memorial Day. We cheered for the Mariners, but dressed for the Twins. Apparently. This photo was taken just moments before the boys ate their weight in cotton candy. Ah, sticky, sticky sugar.

We got there really early. Like 1973 if you judge a photo by its cover. Or whatever. What you’re seeing is batting practice back in yesterday.

The place was empty. I blame this on many factors, including a night game on a school night despite everyone having the day off, and also, the Mariners aren’t so good.

Don’t let their smug mugs fool you. They were having fun. Moose out front should have told you. I used that line A LOT.

This is the raccoon that eats our cat food.

And this is a red tricycle in a spring hail storm. I thought it looked like art.

Speaking of art, here is an interview I did with Zanger on The Life Portlandic where I talk about Seattle and allude to things in a deep and literate manner. It’s great fun!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing. Where have you been?

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14 Responses to “Stuff I Did Recently”

  • Val says:

    “The moose out front should have told you”. OMG awesome. Glad you all had a fun weekend. My husband and I went away for the weekend, to see a friend get married. Our two kids [age 5 & 2] stayed home, with the grandmoms taking shifts to care for them. We had a lovely time at the wedding, then attempted to drive into Boston [near the wedding], but got lost on the underground tunnel highway. Enjoyed getting lost, but didn’t make it to our desired destination. Ah well, reason to plan another trip!

  • Cheryl says:

    Wow, you were damn busy with that camera. I forgot mine to record for posterity the Lack O Fun had by all here at our place. We cleaned the house for company, ate with said company, then passed out from the pollen invasion.

  • SciFi Dad says:

    We’ve been battling a 106F fever and transitions in our health coverage through my work as the acquisition gets finalized. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.

  • Sheliza says:

    Your photos are brilliant!! Glad you got to get out with your super cute family for some leisure time :)

    • Whit says:

      A family that leisures together something something something. You know what I’m talking about.

  • Nice. When I see baseball game shots, I wish I didn’t love in Vegas. Yes, we have a farm-league team, but who goes to a baseball game in 115F heat? Assholes in Vegas, I tell you. I may be an asshole and I may be in Vegas, but I’m not a baseball-watchin’ Vegas asshole.

  • Seattledad says:

    Gotta get ourselves to a game. Even when they suck, it is always fun to go to the games.

    That’s you in the Moose suit, right?

  • otter says:

    The moose out front line kills me. You are obviously a man with a tremendous sense of humor. Sorry about the Mariners sucking so bad. My team, the Cardinals, just beat them 2 of 3.

    • Whit says:

      I just think of the Mariners as a good excuse to drink beer. It makes it all so much easier to swallow.

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