Win Weekend Passes to See Stan Lee Win Something

The Avengers opens this week, and it is awesome. You may have seen the giveaway I’m running at the Disney Blog for some cool Avengers swag, but if you haven’t, go enter, I’ll wait.

I’ve also got something very special to give away here, and it too involves The Avengers. And Stan Lee. It’s a great power, great responsibility sort of thing, but with less spiders.

I’ve got two(2) weekend festival passes to the 2012 Catalina Film Festival, which includes a presentation by, and the honoring of, Mr. Stan Lee. Also, a special screening of Marvel’s The Avengers.

The catch? The winner needs to be in Southern California because travel to Catalina Island and other accommodations are not included in the prize.

Still, seeing Stan Lee and The Avengers is pretty cool, and Catalina Island is a great getaway. I’ve seen worse giveaways.

How to enter: If you are in SoCal and able to attend the Catalina Film Festival this coming weekend (May 4-6) then leave a comment below stating which Avenger is your favorite and why. It’s that easy!

Comments will close at 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, May 2. Winner will be picked at random and contacted via email. Due to the sensitive timing of this giveaway winner must respond ASAP. If I do not hear back within 3 (three hours) I will contact another winner. I know, it’s not a lot of time, but hey, it’s my giveaway.



See the video of Mark Ruffalo on his inspiration for the Hulk!

Read my review of The Avengers at DadCentric!

Photo: Disney/Marvel

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6 Responses to “Win Weekend Passes to See Stan Lee Win Something”

  • We don’t live in So Cal, but we’ll be there this weekend. Steve is a HUGE comic book fan and is so bummed because our plans to take the kids to SD coincided with the Avengers premiere weekend. If we won, I’d have him bring a friend so they could go out to the festival and I’ll take the kids to San Diego.

    My favorite Avenger? It has to be Captain America. I love a guy in uniform.
    Nancy (@ Spinning My Plates)´s last blog post ..Holy Jr. High, Batman!

  • Nancy Lee says:

    My favorite Avenger is Captian America. Even though he was rejected by the army for his scrawny physique, he used his new found powers to help the army instead of holding a grudge and using it against them.

  • Claire says:

    I live in San Diego so I’d be able to go! My favorite Avenger is Thor because there’s nothing more amusing than a god trying to fit in with mortals. I’m looking forward to seeing the mess he gets into in The Avengers.

  • Marie L says:

    IRON MAN, is my favorite. As a “cool exec with a heart of steel,” Tony Stark fights for justice as a modern day knight in high-tech armor. His business keen mind and genius level intellect that allows him to invent a wide range of sophisticated devices, specializing in advanced weapons and armor. Stan Lee made was brilliant in creating him, easily relatable and humanly awesome. :)

  • Want to win this for my kiddo. Mikael says, “Iron Man is my favorite. Because he is super cool and strong.”

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