An Epic Play Date

Epic Play Date

There is a lot of overlap between childhood and springtime. One is full of growth and beauty, the other is just like that but louder. So it was that we found ourselves beneath a dance of sun and shade, slightly above the sea, with children laughing between rockets, balloons, paint, and poetry. Also, tinfoil.

balloon shapes

outdoor play  games with tinfoil

We were among the invited guests at Hyundai’s “Epic Play Date” event just north of Santa Barbara, a day filled with some of your favorite bloggers (and me) and their families—each engaged in the pursuit of fun, food, and conversation. The kids hit the ground running, pausing only for sunscreen, sips of water, and the occasional ice cream. The parents kept pace behind them, somewhat sidetracked by kind words and friendly faces. I drank my body weight in lemonade.

“I told the balloon artist that I would be right back,” said my oldest as he ate his food entirely too fast, excused himself with a wave, and ran back across the field that stretched open between our table and his imagination.

“Me too,” said the youngest as he followed the path that blazed before him.

We watched them run straight and true, as if pulled by some invisible force, and when they got to the balloon booth they stopped. Collaborate. Listen. The balloons became what they hoped they would be, and the day spread like that until it ended, covered in whipped cream, sweat, and the most epic sort of tired.

The drive home was all beachfront and snoring.


This This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai .

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