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A Post of Little or No Consequence

Just because I have to tell you that I’m tall, handsome and talented doesn’t mean it isn’t so. It just implies you have a loose grasp on the obvious, and I don’t blame you for that. I blame society. The obvious was much quicker to register when it wasn’t going so fast. We are all George Jetson on the treadmill. We all want off this crazy thing. Eventually. I’ll wait until I’m done winning.

There are things in the works and there are works unattended. It’s a vicious cycle. Like life (see, George Jetson). Once again I am standing at the crossroads and Ralph Macchio is about to blow the top off this joint. Steve Vai will be all, “Whaaa?”

My blogging career is going in a few different directions. I’m guest-posting. I’m speaking. I’m writing and editing at some incredible sites. I’m losing part of my livelihood, along with 900+ others at one site, and I’m in talks to rejoin some old friends at another. Things will be a bit tighter, but that’s been happening for a while.

For example, my jeans just ripped while I was typing this. Because this is an exercise. And I’m getting fat (see, 40). Hard to get much tighter than that.

You may or may not listen to the show we do (even though podcasts of said show are free). I get it, you’re busy.

You may not have bought my book. Don’t feel bad, I’m still writing it.

I have products to review that have been stacked here since Christmas.

What I’m getting at is that there are many paths open to me at the moment and some require more faith than others. They are all rewarding. They are all hard. They are not in direct competition with each other for anything but my time. However, they all draw from the same well, and it leaves me dry and in need of a drink. This is a metaphor, but I’m also mighty thirsty.

The point is that I felt like writing something for nobody, so I did.  I needed to write sentences that didn’t have a deadline, demand a meeting or have pitches pending. Then I published it because I can, and like a virtual message in a bottle of freshly-finished whiskey it has floated, and against all odds it has found you. And that means more to me than you’ll ever know.


They Might Battle Giants

Everything you need to know about this game is in the title:

Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike.


Seriously, it’s all so awesome it makes the “of” look cool.


Add this: For the Wii!

Then people are fainting and cursing the heavens and running in wild circles like so many non-domesticated dogs.

And by people I mean my children.

And by non-domesticated dogs I mean dingos.


I’m giving away one copy of Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike for the Wii, endorsed by children and dingos everywhere.

Mostly children.

I’m talking about the kids the dingos didn’t eat.

Enter below! Contest ends at 11:59 P.M. PST on Dec. 17.

While Ubisoft sponsored this review, the opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own (except that part about the dingo) and represent my honest viewpoint. Ubisoft, Clever Girls Collective, and I promote Blog With Integrity.

Also, I’ve got a pantload of giveaways all over Gore’s green internet and you should enter them and say nice things about me to people I’ve never met. It’s too late for those that I have, and for that I apologize.


Five Ubisoft games (Wii & DS)

Kipling Travel Bag & Picaboo Gift Card

Ceramic Sauce Pot

BL Body Activewear

At BabyCenter:

Family Fun Night Extravaganza – Over $500 worth Games, Music & Movies!

At DadCentric:

Coming soon



I have two kids. They like to take baths. Granted, they don’t like the idea of taking a bath, but once they are in said bath they seem to enjoy themselves.

They also like to get out of the bath and run around the house naked. Hey, who doesn’t?

My main complaint with the running around the house naked part is that the boys are wet, and until that moment the rest of the house wasn’t.  Suddenly it’s raining in the hallway, and I know where that water has been. I’m not a fan.

What I needed was a step between the tub and the carpet that would cause the boys to pause and dry themselves off a bit — maybe something involving robots and/or a towel, like a hitchhiker’s guide to the bathroom.

Enter Company Kids and their line of hooded towels, namely the robot version. They were kind enough to send me one to review and they also allowed me to hold a giveaway, hence all of these other words around the sentence you are currently reading.  Suddenly my children are drier and a little less naked, albeit briefly with regard to the latter.  They’ve also developed some sweet new dance moves.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to have a hooded towel of your very own. We’ll pretend it’s for your kid.

Fill out the form below by 5 p.m. PST on 10/15/2010, and I’ll choose a winner at random to win the hooded towel of their choice (robot, duckie, kitty — subject to availability).

I’m also giving away a Company Kids towel at DadCentric, not to mention a bunch of other cool stuff.

In fact, while I’m at it, allow me to share all of the other giveaways that I’m hosting on this series of tubes and internets (please note, some of these giveaways have an entry deadline of 10/8):

Two (2) Blurb Gift Certificates at

Two (2) sets of  Picaboo Madison Photo Albums at

Two (2) Teleflora Rosy Birthday Present Bouquets at

Two (2) It’s Kind of a Funny Story Gift Packs including an iPod Nano at

Wow, that’s a lot of giveaways. I’m pretty freaking generous.

In fact, I’m so generous that I’ll also be giving away a new CD by Caspar Babypants aka Chris Ballew starting tomorrow on DadCentric and BabyCenter, respectively.

When you speak of me, speak well.

Here’s the form to win the hooded towel from Company Kids (this is only for the one hooded towel discussed above, all other giveaways must be entered individually per the links listed):

Good luck!

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