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Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes: The Gift Guide

When Birkenstock contacted me about trying a pair of their Boston Suede Clogs (Mocha) I figured one of the following had to be true: a) they’d seen the pictures of me and Tricia on the Ben & Jerry’s tour, b) they had read that I attended a Dave Matthews concert by choice, or c) they’ve seen my toes and felt that they should be covered. All of the above was also considered.

Turns out that none of those likely possibilities were the actual reason, rather they pegged me, and rightly so, as an international man about town who loves a good pair of kicks. This, the understanding of people, is why Birkenstock has been around since 1774 ( I bet George Washington had a pair just like mine. There’s a Boston tie-in there). Of course, their understanding of feet doesn’t hurt.

Here’s the info on the shoe: it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, although some of the other color/fabric options are pretty stylish, but it’s comfortable as all get out. George Washington knew this. The Indigo Girls know this. Now you know this. Birkenstock makes a damn comfy shoe.

The footbed consists of layered foam and cork, the latter implying that someone has to drink a lot of wine to make these shoes and that may very well be the BEST. JOB. EVER. There are also a few microscopic air bubbles that cushion and provide arch support. A few MILLION. Do the math and the sum is comfort wins.

Please note, although Birkenstock clogs are made in Germany, socks remain optional.

Compensation: No
Products Received: 1 pair of Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs (size 12) for review.


Paint it Plaid

In the comments for the previous post Above Average Joe questioned my dressing Atticus in plaid. Obviously he didn’t consider my qualifications.

I dressed him like this:

Not like this:

Please note the difference.


Dunkin’ Donuts is Run by a Bunch of Idiots, and Frankly, Their Coffee Sucks

By now you’ve heard the story. Basically, professional waste of space Michelle Malkin, who has done nothing but try to polarize America and give conservatives a bad name, went on a tirade about the scarf that Rachel Ray wears in a Dunkin’ Donuts ad.

Malkin said that the scarf, a black and white paisley number with some fringe crap hanging off of it, was, in fact, a nod towards the keffiyeh, which is worn by some terrorists, but is not in itself a terrorists (just like leather isn’t gay). She insisted that the ad was showing support for terrorists and demanded that Dunkin’ Donuts address the (non) issue.

Granted, Rachael Ray was an idiot to advertise something as nutritionally offensive as a donut franchise. Not only does it hurt her credibility as someone that supposedly knows what good food is, but it pushes fat on a society that is choking on it. Still, if Bobby Flay can sell his soul to Applebee’s, then I guess anything is possible. What’s next, Emeril slinging Big Macs?

I don’t necessarily hold that Dunkin’ Donuts, or McDonald’s for that matter, is a bad thing. Sure, they want to make a dollar- and they don’t care if it kills their customers in doing so, but they’re no big tobacco. They’re only killing the actual consumer, not everyone in the vicinity.

If anyone is to blame for the effect that fast food has on society, most notably children, it should be the parents, not the clowns. Of course, that’s basically the same argument as “guns don’t kill people,” and I’m against firearms, but whatever. I’m still making more sense than Malkin.


The point here is that Dunkin’ Donuts pulled the ad. They let an idiot airbag bully them into a corner, which is proving to be a much bigger public relations nightmare than anything they possibly could have faced by ignoring said airbag.

They should have shoved a donut in her pie hole.

Michelle Malkin is a bigger drain on common sense and decency than Ann Coulter. Sure, Coulter is a woman that hates women, but Malkin is a woman of color that hates people of color. Stuff like that gives Dick Cheney pause, usually alone and possibly with lotion.

Dunkin’ Donuts let Malkin’s insane accusations alter their course, and while I don’t care if they lose a few bucks, I do care that a loud-mouthed vessel of hate could have such a huge influence on supposedly intelligent people.

Michelle Malkin’s agenda is letting the terrorists win.


Seriously, what is up with Dunkin’ Donuts brand coffee? It’s one notch above truck stop java. Just because someone puts the cream and sugar in your coffee for you doesn’t mean it tastes better. If someone pours a Bud Light in a frosty mug and hands it to me, it’s still Bud Light.

For the above formula please apply the following: Bud Light = crap.


The Boots are Back in Town

Guess who just got back today. I thought they were gone forever. They hadn’t been spotted in some time- this after a bittersweet, tedious affair in which they would never show signs of leaving.

Atticus: Age 2ish

It appears that they didn’t retreat, but rather they regrouped and doubled their efforts. The boots are back, and if the boys want to fight, you better let them.

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