A Tale of Two Tides

Kids Beach

This post is sponsored by Tide and Downy. They also provided financial support to host the event discussed below.

It takes exactly 14 minutes to get from our driveway to toes in the sand. Not that we’re keeping track. Of course, when you factor in L.A. traffic, lack of parking, and the sun in your eyes it can take a little longer.

Needless to say, when Tide and Downy provided the opportunity for us to throw a beach party with our friends we took it! We had a great group of families show up for food, sand, and tide watching. It was about as beautiful of a day as you’re likely to see, which is nice.

Of course, a day of digging in sand and waves can make quite the mess—our car is still covered in the grains of beach day memories. We cleaned up the beach, both our mess and the assorted litter we found around us, and then once we rinsed ourselves off it was time to clean the blankets, towels, and assorted swimsuits from the day. That’s where Tide and Downy came in. You can probably figure out the rest.

Tide and Downy have spent the better part of June showcasing the dad’s way (#dadsway on Twitter) of parenting, and just because Father’s Day is behind us that doesn’t mean that dads are done—we’re still active and involved every single day. To help celebrate fathers Tide and Downy have used the awareness and support from this campaign to make a donation to the National Fatherhood Initiative, who also know a thing or two about engaged dads.

It’s not too late to share your story about what makes Dad uniquely him. Tell the world on Twitter at hashtag #dadsway. Dad will love it, especially after you explain to him how popular Twitter is.

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