I’m Giving Away an Electric Bike, Because I Love You

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“The bike was a loaner, and I only had a few days to get acquainted before returning it…  it wasn’t long before I found myself at the window peering out to check on it. It was [just] sitting there, alone, a sculpted piece of interactive art, and it needed the warmth of eyes upon it, so I brought it into the house. My wife took one look at the bike, and she totally understood. This was more than a machine, it was an object worthy of our affection.”

I wrote those words about an electric bike that A2B and Hollywood Electrics let me borrow, and not a moment has gone by that I haven’t missed it. I want you to know that kind of love with an inanimate object. That’s why I’m giving an A2B Velociti Electric Bike away to one lucky reader. Yes, that’s happening.

Visit GeekDad to enter.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and want to experience an electric bike for yourself, check out the big A2B event this weekend (October 19-20), from 10am to 6pm at Hollywood Electrics (901 North Fairfax Avenue, West Hollywood) and ride one for yourself! It will change your life (in that you probably had something else planned)!

To learn more about the awesomeness of A2B electric bikes follow them on Facebook!

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